Saturday, February 16, 2013

Bachelorette Fun

I was asked to make favors for an upcoming bachelorette party. The bride wanted "classy." Thanks to Pinterest, I found some adorable favor ideas. Using a wine glass to hold the favors is the gift that keeps on giving.
The bride's colors are Tiffany Blue, and TBD, so I decided to go with the Tiffany Blue favor theme. I love me a good theme.
The wine glasses were probably the hardest thing to find. Amazon and local "beverage stores" wanted around 7 dollars per glass. On line the prices were even more outrageous. 6 glasses for 100 dollars rings a bell.
I eventually found these very nice wine glasses at our local Dollar Tree...right? One dollar bought me a really nice quality wine glass...yes real glass. These glasses were wide and deep enough to hold all of my treasures. :)
I loaded up the glasses with EOS lip balm in a sweet mint flavor, an emery board, a mini bottle of Bath and Body Works antibac, and a mini bottle of a whipped is a bachelorette party, classy or not.
I added the colored tulle on the bottoms of the glasses to add a little height. I also stocked up the glasses with the Essie nail polish color, "Mint Candy Apple" a new Shaun white endorsed Orbit gum, some colored lollipops from Party City, and some ADORABLE chocolate dipped Oreos from a wonderful seller on Etsy.

There you have it, a classy, Tiffany Blue themed bachelorette party favor. :)
I'll post the Hangover kits next...(A HUGE hit!)

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  1. You have party planning in your future! Have you seen this pin?
    Storie :)